"Chad is an invaluable asset to any marketing and communications department and I highly recommend hiring him. He is a professional of the highest caliber."
Tom Sharrit
Partners In Learning Programs, Inc.

"Chad was a winner of our 'Radiating Positive Energy' values award and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any employer."
Kay Purdie
Head of Operations

"Chad is an extremely hard working employee who is still held in great respect by all members of this company and we were all sorry to lose him."
Jim Ogilvie
Advertising Manager
"Look at this score from our team feedback on the re-brand. One of the highest averages we’ve ever achieved in over 11 years! How many teams get this kind of universal approval?"
(Average response: 9.4)
Jeremy Starling
Managing Director

"I've never seen a company-wide response to a re-brand in the 9's before."
Ralph Ardill
Brand Experience Consultancy
"WOW bloody WOW! You are brilliant... EXACTLY what I was after. Thanks a million!"
Alex Alley
Skipper and Founder
The People's Boat

"Chad is an easy graphic designer to work with among many who aren’t! He is personable, polite and friendly and his work is fresh - original, clean and inspiring."
Paula Reid
The Hive Collective
Owner / Director
Velocity Made Good

"Chad did some amazing design work for my new company. I loved the work and whole-heartedly can recommend his design talents and knowledge to anyone. I look forward to the next opportunitywhen we can use his talents!"
Faye Abraham
The Show Register